Why Success Is Often Elusive at the Highest Echelons

At The Highest Levels, You Need To Innovate And Execute

I recently came across an interesting tweet, which I think is applicable here.

Innovation Requires A Support Structure

Being truly innovative is hard. Looking at the current technological landscape, very few companies can be said to be true pioneers in their field.

Context Is Queen

Culture Can Have A Steep Learning Curve

Being able to execute requires being very well-versed in the culture of an organization. You have to know how your organization works in order to get it to work diligently like a well-oiled machine to execute on the higher level strategic vision.


We’re living through the era of “The Great Resignation”.



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Cindy Sridharan

Cindy Sridharan


@copyconstruct on Twitter. views expressed on this blog are solely mine, not those of present or past employers.